2019 wishes

Diluvial Voeux wishes 2019

Diluvial Voeux wishes 2018

La brume se lève sur le Square Valin de La Rochelle

Diluvial La Rochelle Square Valin Fontaine Brume

Diluvial Voeux wishes

Béziers Place Jean Jaurès

We are pleased to announce that we are winners for the redevelopment of the Place Jean Jaurès in Beziers.
Péna Paysages agent, joint contractors Ingérop, Cobalt, Diluvial

Béziers Place Jean Jaurès 3D render project water feature miror musical fountain
Béziers Place Jean Jaurès 3D render project water feature channel

Le Geste d'Or

Le Geste d'Or 2015
Grand Prix Landscape and Urban development awarded to the group Fortier / Diluvial / JML consultant / Artelia for water Mirror Square Elisa Mercoeur, 44000 Nantes Cours J.Kennedy .

Mapic 2015

Mapic 2015
We will be at MAPIC in collaboration with Ghesa 18-20 November 2015.

Leclerc Atlantis Mall Fountain

Video from Leclerc Atlantis Mall about the "Fontaine Blanche".

Leclerc Atlantis Mall article about our fountain

Articcle Presse fountain fontaine

Article in Leclerc Atlantis Mall website speaking about the "Fontaine Blanche".

Nantes Mercoeur Water Miror

Nantes Mercoeur water miror Timelaps

Nantes Mercoeur Water Miror Article

Article Presse Le Moniteur
Article in "Le Moniteur" speaking about the water miror of Nantes Mercoeur.

St-Nazaire Waterfront redevelopment project

Article Press
Article in St-Nazaire's website speaking about the waterfront redevelopment project.

Lyon Jacobins Fountain

Articcle Presse fountain fontaine
Article in Le Moniteur speaking about Jacobins restored fountain.

Fountain Quais de l'Yonne city of Auxerre

Article Fountain Press
Article in L'Yonne website speaking about the fountain Quais de l'Yonne.

Le Voyage à Nantes "DID I MISS SOMETHING?

Article Fountain Press
Article in Le Voyage à Nantes speaking about Jeppe Hein works fountains.

Huningue Fountain

Article Presse Huningue  fontaine
Article in "Le Moniteur" speaking about Huning fountain.

"La Fontaine Emergeante"

Article Fountain Press
Article in Le Moniteur speaking about the "Fontaine Emergeante.

"Fountain d'Aubigné"

Article Fountain Press
Article in l'Observatoire De l'Art Contemporain website speaking about the "fontaine d'Aubigné" by the artist Claudio Parmiggiani.

Fountain Claudio Parmiggiani

Article Fountain Press
Article in Flowersway speaking about the fountain Claudio Parmiggiani.

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